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Term and Conditions

Term and Conditions

Hearby authorise the work on my motor vahicle described above and the purchasing of any parts required for the work and accept the following conditions

  1. Promises made as to the completion of the work are dependant on conditions which may become beyond the control of the repairer.
  2. The repairer is not responsible for the loss of nor damage to the motor vehicle,its equipment or contents either by fire or theft exceot loss or damage caused by gross negligence on the part of the repairer or his employees.
  3. The repairer or his employees are authorised to drive the motor vehicle on the highway for the purpose of testing and without responsibility on them except loss or damage caused by gross negligence on the part of the repairer or his employees.
  4. The repairs are to be carried out in a good and work man like manner.
  5. Any claim for faulty workmanship is limited solely to the rectification free of cost of any work proved to be faulty.No claim for loss consequential or otherwise being admissable.
  6. During your vehicle repair,if any damage i.e. due to car age,weather sometimes nuts and bolts get rusted and plastic ,rubber parts become brittle that may break during removal.
  7. Our acceptance of your vehicle/s for any purpose, including but not limited to,repairs,quotations or storage is subject to the provisions of the Disposal of Uncollected Goods Act 1966(NSW)* if you fail to pay for and/or collect your vehicle/s within six months of our giving you notice that your vehicle/s is/are ready for collection,the vehicle will be disposed of in accordance with the said Act, You have been advised.*
  8. Once the car ready we will notify you. You need to pick-up the car within 48hrs. Otherwise there will be the storage charges of $20 each day.
    if you will not come after7 days we will not take any responsibility.
    All transactions are cash unless arrangements are made with the office before work is started.
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